● actually add pages to the pagan directory.
● blog post or shrine on fountain pens
● shrine on enamel pins
● shrine for my fiance?
hiya! im cecil/miles & welcome to my website / portfolio! this is my personal website of works & blog posts.
note: this site is optimized for desktop, not mobile!

this website is both a portfollio and showcase of my professional artistic works, and a place where i blog, make comprehensive guides, share resources, infodump, and talk about everything from paganism to coffee. click around and explore; there's always lots to do at wigglytuff's guild!

if you like my works, blogs, or fun pages, consider tipping me on ko-fi! enjoy.

9/17/23: /cafe/pagan -- new directory: the paganism table of contents has landed! it's... still pretty empty. but it's started!

9/11/23: /works -- new work: 'love haunting the streets of seattle', a physical mixed-media collage.

9/5/23: /posts -- new blog post: Website Updates Hard. video games? cool.

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