miles cecil c. (he/him), known semi-professionally as zcc, zero, or citadark, is a transgender gay artist based out of stanwood, washington, USA. his works focus primarily on unreality, the exploration of mental illness, ableism, punk culture, being queer and transgender, death, paganism, the contextualization of works via the narration, and metafiction.

he has been writing since the age of 11 and primarily works in text-based mediums, comics, games, interactive fiction and surrealist artwork. abuse, memory loss, unreality, death, dissassociation and nihlism are common themes in his works.

hi there, im miles cecil c.;; youre free to call me miles or cecil, whichever you prefer! i create art under the aliases of zcc, citadark, and zero. i am a 23 year old white transgender gay man who uses he/him pronouns, and i currently reside in washington state.

im a PNW boy through and through and a lot of my original characters and fiction tend to be influenced by growing up near seattle before moving rural. im engaged to my long-time best friend that ive known since i was 15, and i love him a lot ❤️

i self-identify as punk, and i self-identify myself as queerpunk! being punk is an extremely important part of my identity and i often have semi jokingly referred to the specific subculture and aesthetics blending scene aesthetics and culture with punk culture as 'scenepunk'. although i may also need to invent 'formalpunk' soon, because i am also a lover of ~menswear~ and formal clothes.

i am mentally ill (obviously) and neurodivergent; all i feel comfortably publically sharing here is i have ADHD and am autistic. additionally, im both a furry and alterhuman and theyre very relevant to understanding me.

i have a huge interest in music, radio broadcasting, wrestling, and theatre! id love to make a podcast or radio show sometime and i hope to move into audio based mediums in the future. i'm also currently out of university, but plan on switching my major to law and pursuing being an attorney in the future! i literally love law and law cases. please talk to me about them.

i make a lot of blog posts about topics, ranging from "let me tell you about the objective pursuit themes of the ace attorney games tierlist" to "longform personal posts about events or topics", and i also make entire pages specifically about things that strike my fancy.

if you want to talk outsite of the site, check my contact page!


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