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a short, nonlinear interactive twine game/fiction about a cat spurned by their ancestors, psychic powers, being viewed as broken, and unreliable reality.


scenes and lore about the drifting smoke express, a group of courier cats living in a semi-dry forest on the outskirts of a desert. may become a chapter-based story in the future?

a poem about a rotting apartment, a woman who may or may not have been a deity, subconscious fears, and that time i accidentally sleepwalked into another reality... twice

a poem about being raised as 'self sufficient', and being fucking sick of being completely 'self sufficient'.

a 'poem' / piece about the horrific loss of identity immortality brings, possession, and feeling like you're looking at yourself from a 3rd POV - and so is everyone else.

a love poem about wanderlust, childhood trauma, and surviving together with someone.

(CWS: suicide, death, abuse) a poem about struggling with depression and trauma and a whole slew of other things.

a love poem about being a gay man, written for my fiance; the master copy of it is owned by him written in diamine morocco red ink.


(CWs: malpractice, unsettling imagery and text, teeth, eyes) a zine about dental malpractice, incompetence, and hallucinating.

a physical media collage done in my fiancee's collage book (6/3/23~)